Thursday, March 25, 2010


(Pavs Speaks-see below!)

Vanessa Zamarripa has won her fourth Pac-10 gymnast of the week thingy- the third this year.  This is no surprise as she is really turning out consistently excellent performances.

Aunt Joyce says Anna Li is ready to compete AA for the Bruins this weekend.  That's good.  There is nothing more pathetic and sad than seniors who can't go out with a bang.  Remember how depressing/scary it was when Corey Hartung got injured right at the end of last season?

Word on the IG forum is that Viktoriya Komova isn't going to Jesolo because of a prior engagement with Putin.  Sad news for Italians. Good news for those who don't want her to burn out young.  It does make the US/Russian junior face-off a little less exciting.  I was also looking forward to seeing an entire Russian troupe perform under the pressure of US athletes because now is as good as any to work out who the competition headcases are going to be (let's face it, there's always one or two in the Russian mix) early, so we know what to expect later!

Aussie trials are on for the Pacific Rims this weekend I believe.  It will be interesting to see who is in good form.  I know Britt Greeley and Georgia Bonora are working uninjured at the moment, and I am fairly certain Lozza Mitchell is better.  I am sure Mez over at the Australian Gym Blog will keep us posted.

Also, there is a translated interview with Anna Pavlova up on the IG forum.  Most of her answers are, unfortunately, quite dull.  While the questions are lengthy, her responses are short and staccato (Russians are just so Russian, aren't they?)  For example, when asked about the favorite place she has visited, she say, in her fence-sitting manner, that all places are nice, but at heart she is a patriot.
One thing she did say, when asked about wether she thought she had been robbed of medals in the past, particularly Beijing, she responded.

"We have a subjective sport.  And here is two judges.  Judges and audience."

Good point, Anna!

There are some dodgy videos of Huang Qiushuang and Wu Liufuang competing in DOHA on MR Atler's Youtube channel if you wanna see.

And like I said, proof in the pudding that Diana Chelaru is still a changed gymnast.  This beam set is really nice.  I was a bit miffed (for some reason I take Romania slander somewhat personally) that someone made a comment about a "Another stylish Romanian on beam.  Am I dreaming?!" on Youtube.  Tamirjan and Dragoi- Tamirjan particularly -were quite stylish, or so I thought.
Anyway, Chelaru is looking SOLID and her wolf leap is as light as a feather.


I do wonder, however, where Amelia Racea went wrong on the day, because her beam was great.  I freaking love her side aerial into tuck back- ridiculously fun combination! AND she does a nice body wave thingy coming out of it.  Then she does that split leap aerial combination too! 
Lili Cosma is really managing to break out of the Romania cookie-cutter choreography for beam with the new gang, which is nice.  It is giving these juniors some much needed individuality.
Racea's sheep jump is definitely dodgy-looking but her arms are lovely.  Where the hell did they come from? Are they keeping a port de bras teacher under the stairs at Deva now?
Amelia needs to keep her energy up for that dismount though, it was like she forgot she was about to do it- it was scarily low.


Here too is a video of Nicole Hibbert of the Great Brit's floor routine.  She is definitely not a born dancer and there is definitely WAY too much faffing around in the corner before the third pass ( I do like how she repeated that bent over needle scale though) but girl can LAND her tumbles.  And she had so much energy for her last pass- she could have done another tumbling row!  I was wondering how she and Danusia Francis had been going as they were the two wunderkinds of British Gymnastics- well, if she tidies up her form, she could be very useful.


And finally, here's a question, does anyone know where Laura Svilpaite is at?  The lovely Lithuanian bars worker who made a splash last year?   She should be sixteen this year, I believe.  I am hoping she makes an appearance soon. 

(pic by Stefan Wurzer)



  1. Lauren actually sprained her ankle after breaking her hand so she's out of the Paris world cup!

  2. I have Laura Svilpaite as a Facebook "friend", but who knows if it's really her or just a fan posing as her (like the majority of gymnast-named pages). I tend to doubt those Facebook pages as most start out looking "real" then you find a few very creepy references or odd-ball photos. Anyway, I think she is a talented gymnast and hope we see her again soon. Who knows what the financial situation is in her country. Maybe that's what's holding her out of competitions. She is also up on my short list for a cross-stitch picture.

  3. Hmmm...maybe Anna's brevity was due to her mind being a little too...uh...fuzzy to work out complex answers to those questions. ;-) Was the interview conducted after five o'clock? (Then again, with Pavs, it's always five o'clock!)

    Re the upcoming Romanian gymnasts: to be fair, we have had to endure a number of years in which consistent, trick-throwing, but utterly unstylish Romanian gymnasts were the norm rather than the exception. That seems to be changing, however, and I am SO happy for gymnastics fans and for the Romanians, who deserve lovely choreography to go with their impressive skills. And Amelia Racea's beam routine is a new favorite of mine. I hope that we'll see both Racea and Porgras on Romania's Olympic team in 2012.

    Re Svilpaite: that extension! That toe point! *sigh* Must find vids of her...

    Oh, and I've decided that I need to use "faffing around" in a sentence today. I'll let you know if I'm successful. ;-)

  4. Komova has a prior engagement with PUTIN?? Say what?

  5. I made it to your blog! YAY !!!
    Yes, I'm the guy who posted that unsettling comment on YouTube. It wasn't a personal attack against the Romanian style on beam (or lack thereof), but just like Amanda noticed, a very pleasant surprise to finally see so many poised&elegant Romanians; after Ponor retired/unretired/reretired we witnessed the likes of Leonida, Nistor, Izbasa, Druncea, etc who -whilst amazing competitors- were certainly not renowned for their style on beam. Tamirjan, Dragoi (who I totally ADORE BTW!), Porgras, Chelaru and so many juniors (did anyone say Iordache?) are the prof that we're moving to a post-Belu&Bitang era of cookie-cutter gymnastics and I couldn't be any happier!

  6. Svilpaite will compete at Stella Zakharova meet this weekend, her program has stayed exactly the same, and her beauty as well.... so lets hope her difficulty level is going to be good enough for a great all-arounder!!