Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well, something changed at the DTB on day two of fnals.  Miss Solovyeva did not rule all at all.  Oksana Chusovitina won vault (der) even with a fall apparently.  Kristina Vaculik, 2010s most impressive comeback kid thus far came from behind to take second place.  Hungarian Renata Toth came third.  I will have to look into Toth, as I have never heard of her.

It was Krisitna Vaculik who took bars in the end, with great form and lovely fluidity apparently, and was followed by another Canadian, an up-and-comer this time, Alyssa Unick.  Marie- Sophie Preventing Man (lol I can't help it!) cam third.  Something, though the dang translation ( doing gymnastics understood however with the outlet (doppelsalto Volswagen) and assigned the victory) must have gone wrong with Solovyeva- my guess being the dismounts from that trans!  Maike Roll came fourth.  Check out scores HERE


  1. Marie Sophie Hindermann. german "hindern" = verb; to stop someone from doing sth. german "Mann" = engl. man --> "Hindermann" in translation engine = "prevent man" :)

  2. Yes but no German native speaker would make that association