Wednesday, March 24, 2010


(Qiushuang- second on floor)

Well, beam and floor finals shaped up more like I expected them at DOHA, with Wu liufang winning both events.  She practically pummelled the opposition on beam with her 6.0 difficulty and final score of 14.700.  More surprising was to see that Croatian gymnast Tina Erceg take second place with a 13.600.  While she had one of the lowest start values of the beam field, she managed to win silver.  Jennifer Khwela continued to prove her mettle, taking third place.

Liufang won floor, with Huang Qiushuang folling in second place by a tenth of a point or so.  Third was Uctus Goksu, whom I have never heard of, but who had the highest start value of any gymnast on the floor with a 5.4.  Daniele Hypolito came in with the lowest start value and finished in last place, sadly.

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  1. You do know that "Liufang" is Wu Liufang's first name, don't you?