Thursday, March 18, 2010


I nearly forgot, it's DOHA World Cup time again!  I like the Doha Cup, though it hasn't quite enjoyed the elite attendance it did in the Olympic year.  I plan to go to it one day.  Maybe next year. In 2008 the meet attracted the likes of Chuso, Pavs, Linlin, Yuyuan, Kexin, Bui and Hopfner-Hibbs as they prepared for the games later in the year.  2009 saw some of the more mid-ranking European gymnasts appear with a very young Chinese in Brinker, Morel, Pihan-Kulesza, Sajn, Erceg and Yuhong.  But it is a very well put together competition in a nation where we see an interesting mix of gymnasts. It will be contested from the 22nd to the 24th of March.

(Aspire Academy where the meet is held)

Here is a little round up of some of the gymnasts we will be seeing at this year's Doha Cup;

This year we will see Tina Erceg, whose greatest fame has been for her hilarious Worlds leotard last year and her lovely floor work.  Up to compete with her on both levels, will be Slovenian Adela Sajn, known for exactly the same things!

(Erceg and Sajn in direct competition!)

One of the most exciting entrants is the brilliant Chinese gymnast Huang Quishuang (may i never have to utter her name aloud, because I am not sure I can!), the gymnast some felt certainly deserved a spot on the London World team last year after qualifying first into the AA at the Chinese national Games last year. Unfortunately she was injured at the time and could not compete. Last year she took the AA at the Japan Cup from Russian wunderkinds, Aliya Mustafina and Tatiana Nabieva quite easily, and garnering a stellat 15.350 on balance beam. 

(Huang- this pose reminds me of Bridget Sloan!!!)

She will be accompanied by Wu Liufang.  Wu, comes from the Guandong Province which I believe, Qiushuang does too, and has been a well-known junior upstart for a while in China.  She competed at the Australian Youth Olympics in 2009, placing 5th in bars (still had a low A score at the time). One the second days she won beam and placed third on floor. It will be fantastic to see how she is coming along.


Brazilian legend Danielle Hypolito will be making an appearance too, proving that she is still vying for a place in brazilian gymnastics as far as 2012 as she has claimed. Danielle is one of those gymnasts who makes me wish that South and Central America had college gymnastics (among many things I wish for those nations!) because she would have been a fierce team leader! last we heard of Hypolito, she was talking about getting liposuction to lose the extra weight she gained whilst taking time off for injury. 

World Cup stalwart Marta Pihan- Kulesza will be making an appearance again, showing off her floor skills, tough gymnastics and shiny, shiny hair.

One of my World Cup circuit favorites, the very composed Ida Jonsson Olsson of Sweden will be there.  She won vault last year with some clean, though relatively easy vaults.

(Jennifer Khwela)

Jennifer Khwela, superstar of the South African gymnastics team will be there too, showing off her stuff (more about her in next month Couch Gymnast magazine!)

Two Canadian gymnasts from Gym-Richelieu in Quebec will also be attending.  The first, Laurie Eve Pepin-Gagne, born in 1992, competed at Osijek last year.  She was thought to be a threat on bars, but wound up qualifying in second place on vault. After a rough finals, she dropped to eighth, however.  Bianca Dancose-Giambattista, born in 1994 is a rising junior in Canada.  She competed at the WOGA Classic in 2009 as a junior and placed seventh, beating out Russian and Ukrainian competitors as well as being the highest placed Canadian.

(Laurie Eve Pepin-Gagne)

Libyan gymnast, Katja Bou Aram, who competed for Libya at the 2009 London Worlds and local Qatari gymnast Alijaky Al- Habshi will also be in attendance. There will also be gymnasts from Turkey and a number from India. All in all, it is mixed, but interesting women's field for Doha.  Most exciting is probably going to be seeing how both the Chines girls are coming along.



  1. Bou Aram is from the Lebanon.

  2. Anon - Doha is in Qatar, a country in the Middle East.

    Adela Sajn AND Tina Erceg at the same meet? *DIES* All hail the Patron Saints of Whackadoo Leotards! (BTW, are you planning to resurrect the World's Prettiest/Ugliest Leotard competition? I freakin' loved that feature on your blog.)

  3. Unsurprisingly, genius, it's in DOHA, Qatar.

  4. The Doha World Cup is in Doha, Qatar.

  5. Erceg should wear picasso leotard and sajn should wear a pollock one