Thursday, February 4, 2010


Seriously.  It looks like a regular old gymnastics photos to me. The Romanian team in their competition leotards chucking that ubiquitous team photographic 'pose' in somewhat questionable leos.  There's plentty of familiar faces- some spanning gymnastics eras.  Steli's looking serious as usual.  Sandra is once again, Towering Moose to the rest of the midgets. And is that Dana Druncea on the end?  What a cutie!

But, you know, whatever. the picture doesn't exactly light my fire.

SO... why then, does this bloody picture appear nearly every single time I do any kind of gymnastics-related image search on google?!?!  Okay, maybe not every time, but it feels like it.  It is the first thing to come up for 'Gymnastics Team" that's for sure. But I swear, I could search "gymnastics cupcakes from Uzbekistan", and up it would appear, at least on the first few pages of my search.  It's WEIRD!

Is it like, the worlds most popular gymnastics photo for some obscure reason and I just don't know about it?

Does it have secrte code embedded in it?


That's all I'm saying...


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