Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well Mostepanovafan is back and montaging with a vengeance.  It seems our favorite montager was rather busy for a while there uploading the Sydney qualifications (for which we are very grateful) but is back to the montaging we know and love best.  This week has seen a wee explosion of "most successful" montages, including the Top 10 most successful Romanian gymnasts, Chinese (no surprise who topped that one) and also the most successful Soviet gymnasts.  Here is the soviet one, which is awesome (and historic).  Go to Mostepanovafan's page to see the others.


(By the way, while we are on the subject of Russian/Soviet gymnastics- does anyone feel knowledgeable enough to take the Russian/Soviet gymnastics assignments for The Couch Gymnast magazine.  You must know your stuff and write pretty well.  If you think you fit the bill, go to the CONTRIBUTE page and find out how to go about it, or drop me an email at


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