Sunday, February 14, 2010


It's kind of annoying being in Australia sometimes- when it comes to gymnastics blogging that is.  It's Monday morning here.  In my time, the Bruins should have competed yesterday afternoon and I would know how they did.  The WOGA Classic would be over and I would know how everyone did there too.
I particularly want to know how the baby Ruskies did in the US.
There are a few videos out there.  Rebecca Bross doing beam.  Kayla Williams doing vault (Aunt Joyce gives some interesting and honest feedback on Kayla's post-worlds form).  Some warm-up.  Ivana on beam- a warm up I think.. You know, I am not one of those people who thinks Ivana Hong is the height of grace and execution, but I have to confess I would rather watch her up on beam than bross sometimes.  Also, she gets such magnificent height on her layout stepouts.  Even when she messed her Onodi- it still looked kinda lovely until she stumbled.
You can watch a video of a girl callled Caryn Kardous win floor at her level with a kinda nice floor routine.  Very NCAA.  Didn't exactly light my fire.
You can see a girl called Abby Milliet do floor (labelled under Bridget doing floor(Abby probably got more viewers than she ever thought she would!!!)  Abby was actually interesting to watch.  She got some wicked height in her tumbling and leaps, and had a lovely physique.  Her lines make her look like she is going to be able to dance but girl is as stiff as a bloodt board!!  Makes you want to go and shake her loose and send her to yoga or something.  Then she'd be hitting some amazing floor with her double front and neat twisting.

Anyway, I'll come back when my Monday is your Sunday night- or something like that!



  1. Stanford beat UCLA. Saw that on Twitter.

    For all the great pre-meet promotion on WOGA, I'm still waiting for results.

    Pegg was 2nd AA.

  2. It was De La Torre and McCullogh who fell on beam as I recall. Floor was just a mess for everyone. I forget who but someone was out of bounds and on their butt, Wong I think but that could be wrong. It was a surprisingly off floor rotation for UCLA. Vanessa was the only one who stayed in bounds. Honestly, UCLA did not look great in any rotation but UB.

  3. Unfortunately Russia didn't make it to the WOGA Classic due to snow :(.

    (Well, apart from this little girl:)

  4. that is A Boston thing too:)

    I am not a UCLA fan at all I think they are too cocky and way overscored.

    I have woga results but it was a mess. Kocian fell twice off beam again