Wednesday, February 3, 2010


(He Kexin- of the much-maligned sweet sixteenth!)

Hi guys!  I need to ask y'all a favor.  I am currently doing my Phd paper about sports and blogging, and I need to put together a short paper on sports controversies and blogging. 

Of course, one of these controversies will be about gymnastics-the Chinese age controversy during the Beijing Olympics to be exact  What i really need to know is where to find any blog (or forum) discussion of the Chinese girls being underage BEFORE the Olympics began.  I know it was out there, but I need to find it!\

If you participated in a conversation about it, read about it, or blogged about it before the Beijing Olympics, The Couch Gymnast would truly, really love it if you could let me know where to find it.

Muchas Gracias! (If i knew how the Chinese said it I would say it that way!)



  1. Do you want only 2008 Olympics?

    Or the 2000 violations for which there will be a ruling by FIG on February 26th?

    I think I've covered both about as closely as any blog.

    Rick -


  3. I remember reading about it (someone said something about he kexins world cup wins and the fact that her age would soon be of controversy shall she make the Olympic team) I will do my best to dig it up for you.
    (ps- thank you in Chinese is xie xie I believe!)


    Good luck

  5. I think there might have been something about it on Polished Gymnastics 101 or The Olympic Effect. Coach Rick might also have linked and discussed on Gymnastics Coaching.

  6. If you go through your blog roll list and search he kexin in each one, you'll find tons of speculation popping up well before the olympics starts.

  7. xie xie (shay shay) Thank you in Mandarin.

  8. so it won't let me include links, but there are a lot out there. from what i can find, an article released sometime in march/april 2008 listing He Kexin as 13 (turning 14 that may instead of 16) was what first raised eyebrows. some blogs that had articles on it as it started emerging:

    shergymrag - "Just because some reporter gets your age wrong II" on June 1st...this blogger managed to stay more unbiased than most for a lot longer

    addicted2gym<3 - go back in the archives starting in March 2008...a good example of how they were found guilty in the trial of the media long before the story becamse big news

    Polished Gymnastics 101 - last post in may...doesn't site sources but still interesting

    Gymnastics and Stuff - "The He Kexin Age Debate Continues" on May 23rd

    On the IG Forum in the 2008 Olympic Games section
    "Confusing He Kexin Article" last post 7-16-2008

    Hope this helps!

  9. Thank you so much guys. I remember reading a lot of it back then, but I was only just getting familiar with the gymblog world and can't remember where I saw a lot of it.
    And Rick, I am only concentrating on 2008. Thanks!
    You guys rock!

  10. This might be helpful as well:

  11. I first began to believe He Kexin was underage when a teenage hacker found documents altered:

    The next best evidence came from an Anglo Chinese journalist. But I can't put my finger on that article right now.

    It's AMAZING she has not been caught, as yet, if guilty. There must be hundreds or thousands of people who know her real age.

    Perhaps one of them will come forward after the 2000 Chinese gymnasts are found guilty.

    Rick McCharles

    P.S. This blogger commenting system is terrible.

  12. The Gymworld Messageboard had a lot of posts about this before the Olympics I seem to remember. I've just done a quick search so there is probably more than this but here's one to get you started:

  13. ANd I realise that I should have put this in the same comment as the last one so I'm sorry but... This one is a good one because it linked to a newspaper article from a chinese newspaper listing her age to be 14. links to another forum which seems to have sparked off a lot of the debate. links to an articles in the NY Times.