Thursday, February 18, 2010


Peggy: Sorry girls, but Gym Australia could only spring for one trophy this year.

Verona:  See Cata, there is sometimes such a thing as over-using the hair straightener.  Less is more, hon, less is more.

Random Man: Ladies and gentleman, the rainbow colours of the national costume represent peace and prosperity.  The hot pink under-cardigan is worn to bring joy and many babies.  The white collar is for luck.  The steel bra?  Oh no, that is just to make sure she keeps her top on.

Zammo:  No, this eez not what I am vearing.  But before meet, I go try out for A Chorus Line.  Maybe 
they can give me visa.

Veronika:  Salute?  You want me to salute?  I can't even lift my arms in this thing!

Yelena:  Ven I grow up I vill work in bank! Ow may I help you? Zee?

Verona:  Sheesh, why do I have to keep telling you people this stuff? When it comes to the forehead, girls, less is definitely more.

Elsa:  That eez not vat Nastia told me.  She said it vould bring me luck!

Verona:  And the fringe bump, Sandra?  It's got to go...

Sandra:  But Nastia told me eet vould make me more, how you say it?- Aerodynamic!

Verona: Okay, I am done with the hair advice peeps!

Beth:  Crap, the other way was up a second ago.

Zuzana: Zis eez definitely not ow I planned zis!

Simona: Lore, eez zis your shoe I zitting on?

Girl:  But please sir!
Bela:  No I am zorry.  Way too tall.  Maybe you could go into cheerleading?



  1. Very funny :))) However I think Sandra was into that "fringe bumb" way before Nastia

  2. hahaha! I loved the steel bra part.

  3. Love your blog, love your posts, love your humour, but PLEASE, lose the fake accents!! Since when do all foreigners have faux-german accents?!

  4. How much I missed this ;)

  5. Where's Pavs? No "Say What?" Couch Gymnast post is complete without a quote from our favorite drunken Russian! ; D

  6. On a completely shallow note, Verona V.D.L. is really pretty/photogenic.

  7. I was entertained. Thanks!

  8. Love these - very funny. Hey, I just saw on the news here in Iowa that Shawn Johnson was injured while skiing. She fell and tore her ACL. She just had surgery on it today and will be on crutches for 6 weeks. Also, the report said she couldn't do any hard training for 6 months. It said this would put a damper on her "plans" to return to competition in 2010.