Sunday, February 21, 2010


so my weekend gymnastics blogging was hindered by a variety of factors, including a countryside family 'do' that meant that I spent a weekend amongst tipsy (i am being gentle there) aunts and bored younger cousins (I had fun!), a lack of internet access at said family 'do', and the fact that the power/charging cord to my Macbook decided to erupt into a shower of crazy scary sparks and burning plastic smoke leaving me with no means to powering my computer (and a newfound knowledge that Apple have already been taken to task repeatedly for designing faulty power cords that have nearly resulted in many a housefire or spectacular injury)
So, I have quite a bit to catch up on.

One. thank the lawd UCLA won that meet against OSU.  I had it in my head that if they couldn't win this one, it was all but over for those Bruins.  This is the week Val had to get that line up right, the girls had to get their @#%* together and prove they can be as good as they promised to be at the start of the season.  It's not like I would have given up on them totally- they are my team- but I would have been feeling pretty dissillusioned I must say.
It was a smart move of Miss V's to try out her new tactic and put Li and EHH up in the first two spots on beam.  It seemed to work a treat, as they did not have to record a fall.
Vanessa Zamarripa is porving her sheer gutsy brilliance by pulling of her third AA win in a row too.  What a girl!

I was really happy to see Florida beat out Georgia in their weekend home meet.  Florida pulled out awesome performances, winning every title but beam (Ah McCool- you've done it again).  Ashanee Dickerson is once again proving her AA mettle and Marissa King has made an excellent transition to collegiate, proving this with her second place finish.

Poor ole Shawn Johnson is said to be recovering well from the knee surgery on her ACL.  I wonder, as did a commenter, on what impact this will have on her potential comeback?

What else?  Oh, I know!  Good news from our Italian correspondant GiulyX16.  It seems Paola Galante may has decided against retirement from international competition and Vanessa Ferrari is back competing.  Here is a video of Nessa competing beam at the Series A- Firenze Meet.

You can watch more on Illabrilla's Youtube Channel.

It's nice to see Kristina Vaculik back and winning the Nadia Comaneci Invitational this week.  She is a great gymnast.  She has returned from a long term elbow injury and will go compete for Stanford next year before returning to focus on Worlds.  Kristina, with her lovely floor will be a welcome addition to Stanfords floor-strong team.  Kristen Smyth, Stanford coach told journalists how excited she was to have Vaculik on board during recruiting.  "Kristina displays a maturity that is far beyong her years and carries herself with such poise and confidence.  She is a beautiful gymnast, a true artist and is really going to surprise people."
Check out her gorgeous dance here;

I was kind of excited to see that Sandra Izbasa was there, though of course she wasn't competing.  I thought it was strange too, that the Romanians would let her go at this point in time until I found out she would be receiving medical attention at the same time.  This is probably the same doctor Nadia Comaneci offered to fly Sandra over to see when the injury first happened. 
Nadia Comaneci is a truly, truly awesome ambassador for gymnastics. Not just because of her worldwide fame, but in the way that she retains such a connection with Romanian gymnastics whilst supporting US gymnastics, and also because of all the work she does with special needs kids.  So very cool.
According to IG Sandra is doing a little floor and beam at the moment but will probably not be ready for Rotterdam. It makes me wonder if Sandra can come back to form after a year away.  I certainly hope so!
Sandra also told them that she was offered a spot on Romania's dancing with the stars but refused.  At that point she was still focussed on continuing in the sport.

Videos of the recent Buckeye Classic are coming thick and fast on Youtube.  Here is Chelsea Davis so we can see how her return to competitive form is going.  She certainly looks more mature!

It is a terrific piece of music and Chelsea is certainly looking stronger. Her form needs a fair bit of work. Her leg-up full turn was horrid, but generally, considering how long she has been out, things are looking good. She moves quite well though she clearly isn't a dancer. The chorey could use some work, if anything just to live up to the music.

There is a bars video too.  Davis has lovely form on bars, but her Pak was a little bit of a scary mess.  Awesome dismount though!

In the crazy portion of this gymnastics newletter a gymnastics club owner has asked for more police patrol cars near her gymnastics club after she found out that a man offered the builder she had charged for not doing work on the club that she had paid him for his services as a hitman.  Luckily for the gym owner, the mant she had charged decided not only to refuse the offer, but to tell the police.  The 'hitman' who attributed his attempt at his new profession on the sad state of the global economy is now behind bars.

16-year old US freestyle skier, Ashley Caldwell made history by becoming the first US woman to make the Olympic finals in her event since 1998.  Asley stared out as a gymnast, but started training as a freestyler after moving to Lake Placid.  She claims she still misses gymnastics.  Interestingly, this model of gymnast-turned-freestyle skier is supposed to be a very Australian and Chinese way of entering the sport, according to the journalist who wrote about Ashley.  That I did not know- but apparently it is common in Oz at least. 

Australian, Lydia Lassilia who was also making a charge at freestyle skiing this week, had a similar experience, but she is competing after narrowly missing out on a berth to the Atlanta Olympic Games with the Australian gymnastics team.She was contacted after those Olympics by the Olympic Winter institute to see if she wanted to try her hand at freestyle.  She did.  She is a World Cup winner in the sport.

Okay, that's enough twittering away from me!



  1. Very informative roud-up. Thanks for the video of Chelsea Davis - nice to see her back. Hey, I just read that Nastia Liukin is dating Evan Lysacek. Wow! What a pairing. It's kind of shocking too. I bet the pair of them look a bit odd with him being around 6'2" or so.

  2. Very cute that Davis has McCool's floor music

  3. Anonymous- you did not know this about Nastia and Evan?! Well, head over To Aunt Joyce's Ice Cream Stand blog- there have been some very interesting/snarky/kinda funny things said about it over there!