Thursday, February 25, 2010


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According to Prosport, both Tamirjan and Dragoi are recovering slowly from their injuries.  It seems Tamirjan is having a better run, she is still feeling fit and is already training on bars, where there is no impact on her leg.  She, according to Forminte, still wants to have a run at the Euros even though they are very near.  He says he will wait and see, as he would prefer to have her in good shape for Worlds.

Dragoi's recovery is slower.  She hasn't been able to do anything with her leg at all and has been wearing an orthotic foot thingummy (that's the technical term!).  She is having a progress check in the next week to see how her cartilige is.  If it is looking better, they will make a plan to get her back into training.

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Claudia Voicu has a light knee sprain, which is why she won't be doing the American Cup.  She has had an MRI and it looks to be a mild injury.   She has already suffered another sprain earlier this year, after an awkward landing that hurt her foot.   Voicu will be sixteen this year, so let's hope she recovers quickly.  Her country needs her!!

Looking forward to seeing them all back at it!


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