Saturday, February 6, 2010


Bruins got their season high this week with a 196.725!  Yay!  it's no Arkansas 197+ but it's pretty great!


One of the most interesting/exciting tidbits from the meet is that crowd fave, Vanessa Zamarripa won the all-around competition with a 39.675.  She scored a 9.95 on bars and beam, and clearly she did step in for Anna Li, cos she did floor and gained a 9.9.  Bloody magnificent from that little bundle of energy.  The younger Bruins are really, really ripening this year.  It's so fun to watch it happen.

Other highlights included:

A 9.925 from Elyse HH on vault, which must be a personal best of some sort.  Hoppy also got a 9.925 on floor which really does make her one of the most consistently excellent gymnasts on floor this year.  Seriously, who'da thunk it?!!!  Beam maybe, but floor?

Brittani McCullough must have done a very clean floor, because she scored a 9.925.  I love it when she kicks butt on flor, which she generally doea, but often her form lets her down.

But it seems Zam was the star of the meet, with all those 9.9 plusses.  Very exciting stuff!


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  1. Zamarripa bugs me because she can score 10's but has little issues that need to be sorted out, like her bail on UB always has a leg sep. Or she doesn't stay down on her landings long enough and gets hit .05 to drop her down. I want more 10's from her! LOL