Thursday, February 4, 2010


The Couch Gymnast Says "Wha?!?!"

So, if you have already read my post below, you know I am oft confused when I have to use babelfish to translate Romanina into English ("weave the golden diagonal" etc etc).

But what i discovered today is that it definitely goes both ways.  I was reading the Romanian online sport forum today, as I am wont to do from time to time, despite the aforementioned translation struggles.  Today I found that they had talked about the new Couch Gymnast Magazine, with particular reference to the Romanian articles and were asking if anyone would translate it into Romanian for them.
(Also Bea, they are talking about you and wether you wrote the Ceresela article which they liked very much)

But one of the funny things I realised is that one confused (i am not making fun as i am eternally confused- one day i may tell you that Gabi Dragoi is resorting to a diet of pure onion and constantly reciting Lady gaga lyrics because that is what babelfish told me Prosport said) reader was questioning wether I was, in fact, a famous gymnast. 

They asked BECAUSE the quiz in the new mag has aWho Am I section.  And the question is posed like so, "I was born in..." and "I won medals at..." etc etc and they thought the "I" was referring to me, the writer!.  i won't tell you who they thought I was in case you haven't done the quiz yet, but it was very funny.  Anyway, now I don't feel so bad.  We are all in the same boat!

Oh to be able to speak 28 or so languages!



  1. Wow, this was a HUGE surprise for us! We had no idea you were reading our forum. Thank you so much! We love your blog and your humour.
    Translations can be hard, indeed...but feel free to ask for help when you get stuck.

  2. LOL one of the girls thought you were Zamo! I am glad people noticed my article :D.

  3. Who am I? and who is SHE? Only in case of ONE person the answer is the same. There are people thinking just in back and white regardless we live a very colorful era in 2010 A.C. Fully applicable in my case (tessan).

    In a more serious note, I just love the first issue of TCG MAgazine. I read it whole and I liked it. Congrats! Keep it coming!