Thursday, February 4, 2010


(pic from prosport)

I am not sure half the time if it is me, or just the horribly crazed translations provided by babelfish half the time.  But I just don't get Prosport.
(Also, try understanding what this sentence means; "Thus for every day she could weave gold diagonal"!)
But, from what I understand, Corina Ungureanu (remember the naughty Romanian who like to get her kit off and who could tumble like a demon?) is back visiting Deva.  She has been hanging out there and working out, because, despite trying aerobics, gymnastics is her one true love.  At age 27, apparently Corina is so small and youthful looking that she doesn't look much diifferent to the other girls.  Corina told reporters that although the training equipment had changed, and there was the new building on campus (those new dorms for the girls- will they ever be finished?!) everything feel the same, enough for a flood of nostalgia anyway.

The article of course, couldn't resist mentioning Corina's forays into nudity and her work in playboy.  It also, strangely in my opinion, included a photo of Svetlana Khorkina's photos for the same rag. 

Okay, so, I am not really sure what Corina is doing exactly.  I get the impression that it is just a visit, but then it seems like she is there to stay "a dream resumed 11 years ago today." I can't really imagine she is back for good.  That would be seriously FREAKY!

Who knows?  Well all the Romaninas do, and I am sure someone will fill us in.  But what I do wonder, is about the last lines of the article, which is a quote by Nicolae Forminte, saying basically that seeing a girl of 27 inspired back to gymnastics should show something to the girls of 18 and 19 who might be thinking of retirement.

A message to Sandra, perhaps?
Anyone heard any news on how her training is going?



  1. this is the last news I heard about Sandra:

  2. Sandra could return no sooner than the Worlds in Rotterdam, october 2010....Good luck, Sandra!