Friday, February 5, 2010


Things just got a bit more exciting in NCAA. It seems like the Gym dogs have finally, two meets or so too late, found their ground, beating the Kentucky Wildcats with a terrific meet score of 197.20.
Shayla Worley finally seemed to live up to expectations, scoring a 9.95 on floor, as did McCool.  All the girls got above 9.8, including Hilary Mauro who, though not the best or consistent gym dog, seems to have been picking up a lot of others slack this season.

Grace Taylor got a 9.95 on beam, showing shades of the Taylor we remember from the last few couple of years.
Shayla also got a 9.925 on beam.

Bars was awesomeness apparently...
Kat Ding got a 9.975
McColl a 9.9
Nuccio a 9.9

Vault not so great, quite a few 9.7s.

What can I say?  About time girls, about time.

There was no way that the disappearance of Yoculan could have had that bad an effect on y'all.  Championships are gonna be TIGHT this year if they keep this up.



  1. Kat Ding was robbed on bars. That should have been a 10.

  2. Very true, I watched on the gymdogs website and there wasn't one visible mistake. Still, 9.975? Wow. Shes such a nice surprise rock for their team. I don't know if they even expected these results during her recruitment.