Monday, February 1, 2010


While I was checking to see if Nicolae Forminte indeed did not mention Amelia Racea in his Euros selection considerations (he did- it was brain fart on my part) I found Prosport had published a new article about Lili Cosma (beam coach- read more about her here) Once again, Lili has been honoured as the Coach of the Year for the Huneadora county (where Deva is situated and where Cosma comes from) after two of her gymnasts, Racea and Haidu had the best sporting results of any athletes in the area. Racea was ranked first, and Haidu fourth for the county.  This is also the fourth time in a row Lili has won this award.

When asked how she felt to win the award repeatedly, Liliana was quick to remind reporters of the work carried out by the girls previous club coaches, the gymnasts themselves and the other coaches at Deva that contributed to their success as athletes. 
The funniest part of it all, was that as well as earning the usual trophy, Cosma was awarded with....meat!

When asked what she will do with her prize, she said she would have the Deva staff to dinner.  I foresee many, many stomach pains ahead, which is probably why the gymnasts won't be getting any.

When asked what she hoped for the next year, it was for Romania to remain on the European and World podiums, and for all the competition-worthy girls at Deva to be able to participate in at least two major competitions.



  1. ummm, that's not just meat, it's a basket of traditional Christmas pork meat delicacies. It's not so unusual to receive this kind of "present" around winter holidays in Romania. Yummy!

  2. I know! I was just poking fun! See, in Australia, when you win a raffle or a quiz night at the local pub (bar) you get a meat tray, and yes, it's a whole lot less fancy than basket o' goodies!