Sunday, February 14, 2010


It seems the Bruins have lost again to their favorite PAC-10 arch enemies, Stamford.  They really shouldn't have lost this meet statistically, but they did.
The UCLA press release puts the loss, which was a 195.975 to 195.165 difference down to out-of-bounds problems on floor.  They might just be right.  The Bruins got a staggering five out-of-bounds penalites on floor, demonstrating that they perhaps weren't as calm and controlled as they have been in previous meets.  Four tenths of those points were taken off the team total.

(Out of the Bruins) Zam won the AA again with a 39.55 and Anna Li came second (39.175) and McCullough (38.775) was third.
Apparently Elyse HH hasn't been doing AA because they are changing her bars dismount and she needs to train it more before she can compete it. 

The Bruins had a great bars set, with a total of 49.55 and Anna Li scored a whopping 9.975.

McCullough has brought in her new Yurchenko one-and-a-half ( a solution proffered by her inability to reign in a Yurchenko full- it paid off) with a 9.9.

Lichelee Wong pulled out a 9.9 on bars.

Zam and EHH carried the beam torch for Bruins while the first two girls fell.

Hopefully they can address these beam falls and floor isuues.  Zam is doing a great AA job.  I wonder if Marci Bernholtz is one of the girls that fell?  I know Miss Val is all happy she is in the line-up despite her other recent fall, but I am not that hot on her beam set.  I find it sluggish. 

Also, on a shallow note, I love the comp leo for this week.  Tre pretty!


  1. monique de la torre was up first on beam and fell, then brittani followed and fell on her series. aisha missed her second foot on her dismount, but managed to pull around with just a body form break.

    floor just got bad: frattone oob on double pike, leap pass not full 180; wong pulled her double pike too hard and fell oob; mccullogh stumbled on her second pass; anna went oob on her middle pass; elyse went oob on her first and last passes.

    vault was interesting scoring, glad to see it was consistent between teams though.

  2. the leos were pretty. but for a "pink" meet there wasent that much of it!

  3. The correct AA results were

    1. Vanessa Zamarripa
    2. Carly Janiga
    3. Shelley Alexander

  4. It was De La Torre and McCullough who fell off beam, btw. Bernholtz wasn't in the lineup.

    The full results are here

  5. sorry should have been clear that I meant AA out of the Bruins.

  6. Thanks for all the great coverage. As an alum I have to add--not Stamford, but Stanford!