Thursday, February 4, 2010


Anna Li will only be competing bars and beam this week for the Bruins.  Part of the problem, Miss val attests, is her tumbling 'issues' on floor.  According to Val, Anna should be able to do a double pike "in her sleep", but because she gets such great height on her tumbling, she is finding it tremendously difficult to locate her landing.  Val wants this fixed. 

Luckily, UCLA is so deep right now that there are girls everwhere who can take her place- including Zam on floor, which is always fun.

The resting of Anna and the injury-rest Elyse Hopfner-HibbsH had to take last week means they must be levelling out in AA- at least if Val puts EHH up for AA this week.  Both these girls have really really discovered some consistency this year, making them both amazing AA contenders.  Unfortunately, neither of them have consistently entered the AA line up from week to week. Still, it has been great to watch them both step up.

I really hope Anna can fix her tumbling issues, because that floor routine is a miracle to watch.
As for E Hop-Hibbs, she is banging out that brlliant little floor number at a high level week after week.  As much as I love McCool, I am really, really hoping Hoppy kicks some butt in event finals if she qualifies!


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