Saturday, January 9, 2010


The Bruins took Utah DOWN and Hoppy looks HAPPY about it!!

Why? Probably because my favorite Bruin won the all-around.  Yay!

What else do I know?

Anna Li is back in AA land too and she came second  It doesn't get much better than this.

well maybe it does.
ZamBam DID NOT PERFORM her new layout Podkapayeva vault (i always get a little lost when I am trying to type Podkapayeva- too many letters too far away from each other!) She did a yurchenk and got a 9.925.

Tauny Frattone rocked a 9.9 on vault.

On floor they got 49.25 combined.  Wong got a 9.75 on her first floor.

ZamBam did a double layout. So did Anna Li.

McCullough got her first and highest 9.9.

Little Miss Hoppy kicked it with a 9.925 on her new floor ex.



I cannot freaking wait to see vids.

That's all.



  1. zam didn't do her new vault. it was just a yurchenko full.

  2. UCLA lied! Even worse, I read it on the press release, then they took the information out! (i certainly didn't imagine it. I forgot Zam would even be doing a new vault! I went back to check after I read yr comment and it was no longer there. They must write 'form' releases and add scores later or some such nonsense!

  3. i was disappointed myself. i was only half watching during warm-ups, but don't recall seeing her even warm it up. no clue what happened. anyone who doesn't do a yurchenko full gets applause from me though; they get so boring to watch.