Sunday, January 10, 2010


I grew up supporting a football team, like nearly every Aussie kid did.  It is just part of life.  I, because of my mother supported a team who spent the first years of my footy fan life at the bottom of the ladder.  But, as I got older they moved up and down that ladder, even making it to a Grand Final, though losing it in the last quarter.

Since I have grown up, left football behind me to the point where i can probably only name two players... in the entire league (and mostly because they have been in the media drunken public carousing- or worse)my old team have slowly climbed to nearly routinely be near the top.  They have another Grand Final, which they lost by mere points..  But my time as a fan of a hot-and cold team taught me one thing.  To be cautious.

And while I am as excited and pleased as I could be for UCLA'a awesome victory and steady performance on the weekend, I will not, in any way, place expectations on one single meet.   That, in my books, would be foolish.  That would be like saying that Georgia is on a downward spiral simply because they started the season with a score in the 195's in one meet right at the start of the season. 

Who is to say that Utah and Georgia aren't ironing out the kinks?  Who is to say first-meet excitement of a very young team brought out a storm of enthusiasm that may not hold for UCLA?  Who is to say things won't change dramatically.

Don't get me wrong kids, I am a'hoping and a'praying that the Bruins rub all y'all noses in the dirt this year and take championships, but I am also realistic.  You cannot base too much expectation of what will come from the first meet in the season any more than you can forecast a promising US or Russian junior will take a World crown by the time they turn sixteen.

I am playing cautious this year.  Excited, yes, but cautious too.  Cautiously excited.

Anyway, one thing both my footy years, and certainly my gymnastics years have taught me, is don't get hyperbolic to quickly, because it is only the beginning......

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  1. Hi Couch Gymnast,
    I really enjoy reading your blog esp since I have been a fan of college gymnastics for a while. Do you keep an eye out for when the NCAA meets end up showing on Foxtel? If so, any chance keep the rest of us on alert? I often end up missing them! Cheers and thanks for a really enjoyable read!