Wednesday, January 13, 2010


(Kayla Hoffman- back in the game)

In an effort to swell pride in the potential of this years Tide- the Alabama gymnastics team writer Jason Galloway, writing for The Crimson White cast some pretty heavy predictions for Alabama's potential for success in 2010.  This argument included allusions to the imperative parts Tolnay, Kupets and Yoculan played in the Gym Dogs success last year, reminding readers that Georgia lost nine routines from its regular 24.  He also reminded us that Shayla Worley is still battling injuries and had three scores that were below 9.5.

Galloway predicts that if any year is the year, particularly considering their defeat of Georgia at the SECs, right in the prime of the Dawgy year, this is the one Bama should seize hold of.

(Tolnay and Yoculan- expensive losses to Georgia)

His argument is based on the fact that by the second half of the season, The Tide had it's injured gymnasts, KassiPrice and Kayla Hoffman, back in the game, Bama was in its prime. He believes that the only reason they couldn't defeat Georgia is because they could not get past a gymnast like Kupets.

But now she is gone.....

Alabama has only lost one routine from last year's lineup compared to Georgias 9.  So, if Jason's arguments are true, Bama could be a serious contender this year.

But don't worry guys, this fellow is a realist, as he also ensures us that "I understand Georgia can reload unlike any other team in the country." 
He also claims that Georgia's ranking in the pre-season was more to do with ranking than facts.

It is hard to say if Galloways claims will be at all prescient, but I think he is right about one thing, the lead up to finals, and possibly the outcome are going to be a hell of a lot more interesting this year.  I, for one, would really love to see the Dawgies (and all the other teams) have to fight like hell for a championshsip, to a point where it is anyones guess who will win. 

That's my little NCAA dream anyway!



  1. Who cares? The scores are all clustered so close to 10.0 and the difficulty so watered down. They are not even doing all that they are capable of. There is no striving. They all do the same damn vault. They don't learn new skills. It's an offense to true gym.

  2. He failed to notice that the judges didn't need Kupets to make Georgia win a competition by a tenth, They now over score Courtney McCool. Just like they did last week to end the meet that Stanford should have won. Giving Mcool exactly what she needed to win