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When you write a blog, and are trying to keep on top of everything in the World of gymnastics, it feels like there are millions and millions of meets.  Some stand out more than others.


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There were so many great meets this year that I could have picked lots.  But to be honest, the meet that made me so, so happy to witness this year was Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Legendz Event meet, covered by Gymnastike.  Though not an elite meet, I think it qualifies as the greatest meet of the year because it was hosted by one of the greatest coaching teams in the states at the moment, pitted excited, enthusiatics gymnasts against each other, had a fun scoring system and brought in members of the US Olympic team to share the fun.  It was great to see how Alicia, Shawn and Nastia were part of the action, acting as team leaders and put into the back standing somi play-off at the end.  All in all it was a fun, fun meet to watch and a great reminder of both the influence of these athletes on young gymnasts all over and all the great things we can forget about the sport from time to time.


The European gymnastics championships have always been a favorite competition of mine.  Initially I think it was because, while the soviet Union was still in existence and communist countries ruled the sport, the creme-de-la-creme attended.  Now, I actually think it is because once the ruling nations like the US and China are eliminated, there is often an unexpected, and therefore interesting mix of gymnast in the finals.  I think I also love it because the Italian crowds are CRAZY excited about gymnastics which made me feel like I was watching a football game- but in a good way!

Though the Worlds all-around competition was always going to be a fairly predictable affair, the event finals more than made up for it with appearance of gymnasts who I hadn't seen much of or didn't expect to watch in an event final, the Koreans on bars and beam,  Rogers on vault, Gil Ortiz on floor.  And there were also some great surprises; Lauren Mitchell's success, Dufournet's vault medal and Lichetta making bars finals.  All the reasons I love the year after the Olympics!

Florida vs Georgia.  Though poor old Florida was suffering from a bit of an injury-apolooza and having to put up newbies and inexperienced gymnasts all over the place, there was nothing, nothing quite like watching Georgia pull of the meet they did.  It was no surprise this dynamite team scored in the 198's for this meet.  It was sheer poetry to watch one gymnast after another pull of steady dynamic routines.  Georgia at it's finest was something to behold.  Let's see what this year will bring.


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