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Gymnastics is a pretty serious sport. There is always so much tension surrounding competition, the danger, injuries, the young ages of the athletes, but luckily, sometimes, we get a giggle too. Less now perhaps that Khorkina is no longer among us, but still, we do get a treat now and then.


Vanessa has provided me, personally at least with the most amusement this year. I can’t decide which Vanessa Ferrari moment to use from the Europeans. The one where she got up on the beam podium, rubbed her feet with a hunk of chalk, and in her hurry to get onto the apparatus for her warm-up turn, flung the chalk behind- her narrowly missing a judge. She didn't even know it happened and it was up to her coach to apologise.  That girl is ALL business.
OR when she was warming up for floor doing battements (kicking her leg up behind her) and her shoe came off an flew right across the room. Runners and Italian team leotards are funny enough together without a waldrobe malfunction added to the mix!
AND let's not forget the news that Vanessa is joining the army.  Teeny tiny litte Vanessa!  I told you she is going to rule the world one day (and I a little bit scared)!
Because our Vanesaa has three moments, I think she must be named the winner of this category!


Svetlana Boginskaya grabbing Dominique Moceanu and trying to make a run for it before the fans came a’calling at the London Worlds; “Kweek, ve must hurry!”

Courtney Kupets lip synching “I like to move it, move it” repeatedly in a bit of gym dawgy pre-meet hysteria. In fact, so many of their pre-meet dance-off videos were good for a laugh last year.

Overhearing Becky Downie talking to her mother at the Europeans. After not quite having the AA competition her qualification promised and then only managing a fourth place in the bars finals which she looked able to medal in, Becky was understandably peeved. I had to crack up though, when she said to her mother, “Oh well, I had me chance, but ah bummed it!”.

Ksenia Afanasyeva doing the Ksenia’s ‘fancy walk’ out onto the floor mat before her routine and kind of tripping over her feet in Milan. That was pretty funny.

(Once it was obvious she was okay) Becky Downies fabulous backward flip OFF the beam podium at Worlds.  It was pretty spectacular.

Hilary Mauro's face when she realised she had stuck her vault in the late season Georgia vs Florida.

Marta Karolyi at Worlds. Seriously, it is lucky the hag makes me laugh, or I could really, really despise her.


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