Saturday, January 2, 2010



Being by far the largest and most exciting competition of the year, there has to be a Worlds category or two. This award is not so much about the results, but about the performances all through the Worlds competition where I pay compliments to those who put in a great or exciting performance at any stage in the competition.


And who said Vault is dead?!  Those of us who have been complaining about the slow, choking death of vault as an event must have at least felt a little excitement at the appearance of Kayla Williams.  The US's new vaulting queen is a force to reckon with.  She is fast, stront and as powerful as they come.  The girl who sold herself to this little blogger when she openly and emotionally told Gymnastike that she wants a Worlds berth more than anything in the world, more than proved she deserved her spot by putting out and impeccable performance.  She is a marvel to watch.  Her immediate tears and obvious relief when she finished vaulting was proof of just how much pressure she was feeling.  Her ability, however, to pull out a performances as steady and clean as that, despite the emotional storm inside demonstrates what an excellent gymnast she is.


Ana Myzdrikova- this goes out to her floor performance in the qualification rounds of Worlds.  Though she was unable to pull out quite the desired performance in finals, her quals exercise threw her well and truly into the lead.  Myzdrikova's floor work had been oft-discussed this year as she emerged to place in floor finals in various world cup events.  A tough tumbler, she retains a smidgeon of the old Soviet charm and manages to meld it together with a sort of noble grace when she does it right.  In this round, she pulled it off with great aplomb.

Kim Un Hyang's delightful and difficult beam set left her in second place after qualifications.  Hyang, who has the grace and flexibility of the Chinese showed off some remarkable skills and thrilled this blogger by outraging one Marta Karolyi as she sprayed down the beam before each performance!  Sadly she was not awarded the difficulty she presented in the qualification rounds and was left just out of the medals.

Lauren Mitchell- Michell's third place finish during the qualification round in London was nothing less than a revelation.  While ot was certainly hoped and practically expected that she would make beam finals if she stayed on the beams, expectations of her ability to place on floor had rarely been discussed.  However, a solid showing on all apparatus put her happily up there in medal contention, surprising many.

Jessica Gil Ortiz- Despite the sad end her floor final spot had, much kudos must go to Columbian Gil Ortiz's performance in the floor quals, bringing an unexpectedly terrific result for herself and for her country, whose expectation had mostly been focussed elsewhere for many years (Sanchez).



  1. If you were referring to Jessica Lopez, she is from Venezuela not Columbia.

  2. crap, I meant Sanchez! She has been their shining light for a while.