Thursday, January 21, 2010


Really, what next, Romania!  Prosport reports that not that long after the whole swine flu scare at Deva, now poor little Miss Amelia Racea has gotten herself a case of the measles.  Racea has been quarantined and not allowed to do much of anything.  The incubation period must be served, with Racea in quarantine, and the team doctor says it remains to be seen if any other girl has contracted it.

What with old Romania injury-palooza, they have already been dropping like flies.  Now another infectious disease scare?  Maybe some of the disgruntled Romanian girls from the Belu/Bitang era put a hex on the place before they were shipped out for being 'fat or 'lazy'  Hell.  Maybe it was Bitang herself.  I can totally see her in a cape, hanging over a cauldron....


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  1. Amelia return to work-out, that was not so grave like it seems to. She is back!!!