Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Why?  You ask. Because they have to. 

(pic from prosport)

It has been no easy task for Team Romania  to assemble a group of age-elegible, able-bodied girls into a team for any senior competition over the last few years (which explains why poor old Steliana Nistor, who was practically one bandage short of a body cast, was over-used in so many competitions when she clearly needed to rest).  The team selected to Worlds last year showed how dire things were.  When a gymnast was terribly injured (Izbasa) the most fitting replacement was a gymnast somewhat less injured (Dragoi). 

And while we look forward to the juniors inching up the ranks, many of them are not yet elegible to compete in next years round of competitions.

That is why  the latest news from the Deva camp is gonna make things even tougher for Forminte and co to put together a strong Euros team.  It has been confirmed that neither Anamaria Tamirjan nor Gabriela Dragoi will likely be able to contend for the Euros team.  According to Prosport, Dragoi has a projected two months, and Tamirjan a six week recovery period to get through before they can even begin training again. Forminte told Prosport that while the girls weren't looking like they'd be ready for Euros, he hoped they would be alright for Worlds.

Both girls are with the rest of the team at their special winter camp, and Tamirjan is taking part in a special training program to take care of her body as she recovers from her operations.

It will be interesting to see who gets to go to Euros with two of the old hand out of the picture.  Sandra Izbasa may or may not be ready either. 
I wish Dragoi and Tamirjan speedy recoveries.



  1. Here Here to a speedy recovery for everyone! Izbasa, Dragoi and Tamirjan!

  2. I miss Izabasa's gymnastics, but I hope she will not take part at Euros. It's better for her to recover completely before coming back to competitions.

  3. Hello Couch-Gymnast! Fangymnastics have recently posted an article about the gymnasts that are becoming seniors this year:
    To my mind, we will see at the euros the following gymnasts: Pogras, Racea, Cerasela Patrascu, Diana Chelaru and Raluca Haidu or Camelia Voicu. Can't wait to see how they are on a real podium :D. Thank you for your continuous efforts in the field of gymnastics blogging :)!