Wednesday, January 27, 2010


(pic from prosport )

A recent interview in the Romanian news source Prosport, tried to make out by its headline that Nicolae Forminte wants to leave Deva.  Methinks they were going a little hyperbole on us.  From what I can glean from the very rough translation (Bea!? Bea!? Help!) is that Forminte would consider leaving Deva if the financial situation that makes it so difficult for Deva to produce gymnasts, for Romanians to live well, and to sponsor sport also began to affect his family.  then he'd think of leaving.  It is not, however, a decision he would arrive at easily.

Aside from the somewhat empty threats posed by the headlines, Forminte gave some insight into what is in store for Romania this year.

-The team objectives are to win one or two medals at Worlds and Euros and for the girls to perform with confidence.

-Dragoi, Tamirjan and Izbasa's recoveries are going satisfactorily, but their returns are not imminent.  Dragoi and Tamirjan are recovering slowly.  Izbasa has physically returned, but Forminte claims it remains to be seen wether she can conquer the mental effort to return to performing difficult tricks.

-The euros team will be entirely new, except Porgras and Chelaru.  As well as the juniors coming up, Forminte has not excluded Ceresela Patrascu from consideration if she loses a little weight.  He is hoping for six healthy girls to make up the team.

-When asked if Porgras is seen differently because of her world medal, he says no, and that Ana still has work in front of her and high expectations from the gymworld.  At the same time, he doesn't want to put too much pressure on her himself.

-They will be focussing on getting gymnasts who are best at each event, as their is no AA contest.



  1. Hello,
    Everything is correct :). The only minor detail I want to add is that he suggested he is not satisfied with the money he receives for the job at the moment because one of the excellence awards he used to have was cut off (because of the crisis). He says his family’s savings are almost gone so he has started worrying about this. He threatens he will try and find a job in a different country if the problem is not solved. I recently saw an interview with him on a local television network and he seemed very embarrassed by the fact that he has to threaten the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. He even said smth like “I hate doing this because I know very well others have done this before” (referring to Bellu and Bitang). Thanks, Bea

  2. EVERYBODY has to threaten the RGF at one point or another. They're a bunch of cheap bastards. I can understand why Forminte's doing that.

  3. what about amelia racea???

  4. good point!Is she old enough? I will go back and check, maybe I just missed her name. Yep, it was my bad- he mentioned her Thanks anon!