Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Polina Astakhova - wise words

Polina Astakhova, winner of ten Olympic medals was known as 'the Russian birch' for her exceptional grace in gymnastics. 
Here, she provides possibly the best description of how a floor routine should make one feel that I have ever read. In the last five years I have probably only felt this sentiment about five times;

"In many routines, I miss more elegance, beauty in movement.  I believe that a well-performed routine should be done in total harmony and beauty and should impact the spectator as would a song, which the spectator would want to listen to again and again"


Polina Astakhova 1936-2005



  1. Out of curiosity, what were those 5 times? Longtime lurker, adore your blog! :)

  2. Ooh, I was generalising, but if I had to say, it would be Anna Li this year, Brittani McCulough last year, Ana Porgras this year, Anna Pavs AA Beijing performance and Dasha Joura's 2008 sass. I have watched Izbasa win the floor gold a lot too, but that is more because i adore the music and was so, so damn happy for Romania. There were more I loved. But these are the ones I could (and have) watch and rewatch very easily! Thanks for asking!

  3. Ever see Natalia Frolova's 1986/87 FX? It's such a masterpiece! It's one of those routines that gives you chills when you watch it. I'll have to check out your favs. Have to admit I don't pay much attention to current gymnastics.

  4. Oh yes, I love Frolova;s routine. It is gorgeous. These five I chose are only referring to the past five years or so. Beyond that, there are many!