Monday, January 11, 2010


Cata Ponor has returned home for a holiday, and is hanging out with her parents.  She told journalists that everyone at her gym in New York State where she works for Teadora Ungureanu calls her Cat because they can't say her name properly (sheesh, it's not that hard!!- but then we have all been pronouncing Comaneci wrong for years).  She has been getting her fill of Romanian food eating at Ungureanu's home.

Cata already has her sights set on producing a Olympic champion, telling Prosport that there are talented young ones at Ungureanu's gym.  She plans on staying in the states as the pay is around eight times what a coach makes in Romania, but is using the money saved to buy a mobile (i think- wiggy translation) home in Constanta.

She says she has had no time for a relationship while in the US, and prefers to concentrate on coaching for the time.  "I care at the moment just about work."  She told them.

It is hard for me to belive Cata Ponor is only 22 years old.  Those years seem so long ago, but her reign was only six years.  I was never a huge fan of Cata's gymnastics, but at the same time, I admired her incredible beam set and the way she could sometimes perform it with rock solid intensity.  Her floor routine always left me cold- but it was more about the choreography than her performances.

There is no doubt in my mind, however, that she was an incredibly talented gymnast.  Considering she was barely even trained in Deva- instead discovered very late in her home gym in Constanta, it is a miracle she became the star she did.  It will be interesting to see how much of her uncanny beam ability she can translate into actual directions she can pass onto her students.  If she does have that talent, she is sure to produce some wonderful beam workers.




  1. Hello:) She said she wanted to buy furniture for her apartment. Not that it's very important...

  2. I didn't realize she was only 22 either. there was always something about her gymnastics that reminds me of a stripper

    on a separate note: i didn't realize that she has been the most decorated (in terms of Olympic golds from the past ) since Silivas and her 3 golds in 1988