Thursday, January 14, 2010


Desiree Baumert has a gorgeous illusion turn on floor, excellent split positions, an affinity for balance beam and a recognisable all-around talent.  This explains why Baumert has been considered one of Germany's best juniors on the rise for the last couple of years. Her beam set includes side somi, free aerial, flic – layout, wolf jump, switch leap, turn, front tuck, sheep jump, front 1 ½.

Baumert, who turns fifteen next month, showed herself to be a steady all-arounder last year, coming in 8th at the extremely competitive Japan Junior International contest, 12th at EYOF with a berth to beam finals and 11th in the Germany vs USA meet in Germany where she competed among gymnasts very much her senior.


Desiree was named to the German youth squad in 2007 and began attending the Otto-hahn school in Karlsruhe, which is a sister school of the Olympic base where the gymnasts train.  The days are long for Desiree who often leaves the house at 6am and returns by train by 8pm. 

Called "An exceptional talent" by coach, Ulla Koch, Desiree was named to the Olympic squad in January of last year.  According to her mother, Monika Baumert, the entire family rejoiced when they heard the news.  Both Desiree and her family, very much have their sights set on the young gymnasts being part of Germany's Olympic squad in 2012.
She is definitely a gymnast to watch this coming year.


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