Thursday, January 14, 2010


So, for those of you crazily anticipating next years World Championships, which will be held in Rotterdam in October, the website is well and truly up.  It is an attractive site and there is an ongoing competition where each month you can win a World Championshsip t shirt or scarf if you answer some relatively simple questions correctly. (This link is to the translated version of the site- into English.  It is, as with many translations, highly iffy at times, including callling the all-around "the heptathlon"!)

You can also have a look at the arrangement of the competition.  The good news is that this competition runs for a week.  Qualifications will be spread over four days, rather than two.  This is kind of a relief considering in London, the twelve hour qualification stint was quite a long, although fun, day.

The other good news is that unlike London, the Rotterdam hosts are allowing audiencesinto the podium training for 10 euro per day!  This, my friends, is great news as it was sad not to be able to go and check out how everyone was preparing at the 02.  The competition will have alloted seating just like Worlds (though I must admit I rarely, if ever, sat in the seat alloted me!) except on podium training day when spectators are free to sit wherever they like.

The Sportpaleis, where the championshsips will be held will hold just over eight thousand people.  Rotterdam is a huge sporting city and so the venue has been recently renovated and modernised, making it a great venue for a highly technical sport like gymnastics.

The site is also calling for volunteers, so if any of you folk are from the Netherlands, check it out....



  1. Will you be attending this time???

  2. Not sure I will be able to do it this year. I might be teaching and it will be during the second semester. We'll see.