Sunday, January 31, 2010


The Bruins whipped some Arizona State butt last night which is happy-making, but what is even greater is that they did it with a season-high score.  This means not only is Miss Val honing in on the right line up for meets early in the season, but that the Bruins are steadily improving along with everyone else.  It was still only in the 196s, and they are not going to overtake Bama again.  But still, they are contenders and might well crawl back up a few places!!!  It would have placed them in second spot last week, so that is good news.

On the individual front, people did very well.  There were nine scores of 9.9 or better.

Zam produced a new vault.

Tauny hit a 9.9. (that girls is awesome- I am so glad she is competition form.  Miss Val used to always go on about how great she is, how good it would be when she was back, and I was like who?  Now I know.  She's great.)

Anna Li rocked bars with a 9.925.  Amazing!

They had to count a fall on beam.  Beam is getting a bit shaky for them of late.  They really need to address that.  More dawgy-style repetitions, perhaps?  Stalwarts EHopH did good with a 9.9 and Zam with a 9.85 wasn't far behind her.

Floor was the winner, with Anna Li finally doing that choreography justice (not that she has done half badly lately by any means!!!) with a 9.9.  Lichelle Wong, whose gymnastics is so very pretty, scored a 9.9.  And once again, Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs proved that she has become the Bruins most consistently successful floor worker (same could not be said last year) with a 9.925.  Pretty amazing consistency considering the power of her front tumbling.

All in all, things are looking gooooood for the Bruins.  I know last weeks two meets were all about Miss Val messing with the line ups to see what fit, but it was still making me nervous! Next week they take on Arizona U.



  1. CouchGymnast, could you possibly provide a link to where you watch these meets? I'm assuming since you are also outside the USA you can't watch them live, and it is so difficult to find anything other than a few highlights! I've looked on CollegeGymFans and I can't find the links that are supposedly there. Thanks!

  2. The UCLA meet is archived on their website, here is a link:

    Plenty of NCAA meets are archived on the team's websites.