Saturday, January 16, 2010


Happy news down south is that Florida made up for last weeks shaky start with a win against Arkansas.  There were no falls this time and Rhonda Faehn is happier.

Ashanee Dickson seems to be rockin' it for the Gators with her 2nd all-around win and 9.9 on floor.  The girl is a wonder. She told the Gator paper; "It's amazing. I've been coming here since I was eight years old to watch the Gators, and just to be out on the floor in a Gator leotard was a dream come true."

And of course it  was good news for me to hear one of my favorite British gymnasts was flying the coop to join the Florida Gators this year.  No one ever properly confirmed that rumour for me, but here she is, in black and blue. I was excited i would get to see some more of King's great vaulting, solid tumbling and difficult beam.  It looks like she is having a great time over there.


King told the apper she was loving the experience and that the crowd was "phenomenal" and that she was still adapting to college gymnastics.
Her beam is quite difficult, with some more interesting skills than usual.  It's funny, she seems to land the big things and then wobble on the 'fluffing elements' Weird.


And her double arabian on floor is beautiful, with not a sign of cowboying.  That makes me happy.


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