Monday, December 14, 2009


She didn't have to do this, but she did.  I hope Cal State gets the money they need. It's a huge task, but you never know...

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I have to admire figures like Nastia Liukin and Nadia Comaneci (and others) for what they are giving to the sport. Nadia Comaneci tirelessly campaigns for disabled atheletes, as well as being in the spotlight at all major gymnastics events. The disabled work is probably not as glamorous or well-covered as her appearance at London Worlds, for example, but that is not the point. She is using her fame mettle to bring attention to corners of the gymnastics world that don't get attention.
That is precisely what nastia is doing too. Miss Val may have called in a favour. nastia may have offered. Whatever. Good on them both for trying to make sure more people can experience gymnastics in more places. There is not that much fame to be found in gymnastics, so as far as I am concerned, those who do earn it should use it wisely and well.


  1. Nastia's doing a lot better than Shawn at this fame thing, that's for sure. We're also probably never going to see Nastia compete again.

  2. Good for MsVal, Nastial & CSUF for coming together. It isn't about them its about the sport. "Becauseofitall" I totally agree about Nastia putting more effort than Shawn in the gymnastics-fame-arena. Though in all fairness Nastia has gymnastics & sports appreciation in her blood, not only b/c her parents did it but b/c its now the family business. That being said, its disappointing that Shawn has done very limited stuff to promote gymnastics at a higher caliber especially since she has acquired a new legion of fans through dancing w/ the stars...obviously she can do whatever she wants w/ her fame & future but sometimes I can't help but think that had she won all-around gold and still had won dancing w/the stars, she would be much more involved..idk...but yay to Fullerton UCLA & Nastia for helping keep the sport alive in Fullerton :)


  3. As I grew up, Nadia was the only legendary gymnast I knew about(being Romanian and all) and I thought that that's normal, that's what all gymnastics great do after retiring. But then I sort of gotten acquainted with others such as Nelly Kim (sorry Nelly, you are the first I could think of)and I realized this is not her job or anything, this is what Nastia and Nadia do because they are good.