Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TCG 2009 AWARDS PART 2....


This year has seen a lot of coming and going in the post-Olympic year.  But despite great losses, there have a few older gymnasts holding out, proving maturity is as valuable as youth in gymnastics. This one goes out to the fine wines and old cheeses of the sport.

This category could not begin without mentioning Oksana Chusovitina, who is and will always be a legend of world gymnastics.  The always-sunny, always-explosive family woman has proved time and time again, that adversity means nothing when she is standing at the end of the vault runway.  She. more than anyone showed how longevity can sometimes be found in a sport that comprises of quickly rising and quickly falling stars.


For me this year, though, the star of this category goes to Swis dynamite Ariella Kaeslin. Although always very much on the international elite radar, particularly in terms of vaulting, she, at this late strage of her career, chose this year to ripen into a fabulous gymnast. At the Europeans in Milan, she not only vaulted everyone out of the competition to take the title, she also showed her gathering all-around strength by taking the bronze in the AA. She continued this run by taking a vault silver in the competitive World Championshsips field behind an indomitable newcomer, meanwhiole exhibiting great power and solid technique.  Let's hope she sticks around.

Honourable Mentions

Beth Tweddle is a prime example. Now a grown woman, well into her tertiery studies, Beth proved that with safe training and much determination and an ability to relax and look beyond bad competition experiences, she can still out-tumble those much younger and much less-injured.

Jana Komorskova is still proving her mettle, rocking vault and beam at this year's World Cup final in Osijek.  She is strong and vital and always ready to compete.

And the good news for next year is that many more older gymnasts are planning their competitive comebacks.

Alicia Sacramone has delighted fans all over with claims that she will be heading back to the gym once again.

Lu Shanzen has kept us happy by telling International Gymnast magazine that Cheng Fei is still very much in the mix once her injuires are healed

News on the Russian front was that Pavlova was back to training and ready to compete, an event sadly stalled by the death of her father.  We hope to see her soon.

Gabrielle Wammes, despite having a small child has told journalists she is ready to get back to training.



  1. Couch Gymnast! Have you not heard? Chuso is planning on competing in 2010!

  2. No. I a in Tasmania. I hear nothing here. Yay!!