Saturday, December 19, 2009


(pic from comaneci-salto )

As you will see from the comments below, Anna Pavlova's comeback at the Voronin Cup was cancelled because her father passed away.  Much sympathy from the gym world, Anna.  We look forward to seeing you again in time.

On a happier note, Happy birthday to Little Miss Porgras, an elegant little girl who follow in the dance steps of the elegant Ms Pavlova.  May she never grow old.

And as the other person commented, it is indeed unlikely we will find someone who is not a Pavlova fan.  Hence the question.  I can't imagine the reason they could give.  But as someone said, now is not the best time to put anything negative out there.

Which leads me to pose another kind of question instead.  Is there a gymnast we can think of who has been as universally and unanimously loved by gym fans all over the world as much as Anna has?



  1. Well I really don't like Pavlova, she has no spark and IMO is boring in her gymnastics....sorry

  2. I would put Daria Joura on the no-haters list. Certainly, she was never a superstar...but I don't think many people can deny that the girl has moxie. I also haven't heard of too many (if any) Alicia Sacramone or Cheng Fei haters (strangely enough since both literally gave up on bars)

  3. ETA: Even though Sacramone had an Epic Fail at the Beijing TF, people still love her and she received a very welcome respons when she announced her comeback...

  4. Is there a gymnast we can think of who has been as universally and unanimously loved by gym fans all over the world as much as Anna has?
    Mmmm Nadia? Olga?... If you meant about THIS gymnastics era... No, there's nothing like Ms. Pavs

  5. Maybe Ana will be!

  6. I don't love Ana Pavlova. IMO she is overrated. Most people love her because she hasn't been as succesful as they think she should be. She is the most well known Russian women and they just haven't been very good the last few years so people prop her up where she does not belong. I prefer the juniors coming up to Ana.

    Fact is her UB is to weak to include her in any AA discussion.

    LOVE her floor, Tolerate her beam and think she is a decent vaulter but she has gotten away with under achieving for too long. She just isn't as good as people think she should be for being the best Russian.

  7. Cheng Fei, and people who are pissed off at her bronze on vault don't count. I doubt there's a single person out there who would deny her character and her fabulousness when she hits.

    I actually am not that big of a Pavlova fan. Much of my love stems from the fact that she's an underdog, and th fact that fourth place really does suck.

  8. whats with the dasha WAS a star. she hasent retired yet.
    not a big sacramone fan.
    any lili pod hateres out there?

  9. I'm a HUGE Pavs fan but I firmly believe that she wouldn't have had so many fans had she actually won anything. Sometimes we mistake love for sympathy (not my case; I'm totally, utterly and just a 100% in love with her gymnastics). Vice versa, Khorkina wouldn't have had so many haters hadn't she been so successful; success brings envy, failure doesn't.
    Replying to your post, I can think of 3 gymnasts who appealed to almost everyone: Yang Bo, Lilia Podkopaeva and Andreea Raducan. I thing Cheng Fei and Ana Porgras are on the right track, though...

  10. Well I don't like Pavlova, very overrated IMO and I certainly don't like Dasha, the way she presents herself UGH!!!!!
    There is no one who is loved by ALL the gymnastics fans thanks god! That would be so boring.
    I like Sac but a lot of fans blame her for her behaviour at the 2007 worlds floor finals. Outside of the gym Sac is funny as hell so I like her ;)

  11. What's with all the wimpy "Anonymous" posters.
    Anyways, Joura's ankle reconstruction was pretty severe. If she returns...that's just not right. Especially when she honestly has no shot at future world or oly medals. But that doesn't mean fans still wouldn't love to see her :-)
    I'm not a Pod fan. I guess I can't deny that she was talented...but she is very forgetable to me.

    Folks like Pavlova, Joura, Cheng, Sacramone you remember.

    Sure you also remember past legit champions like ML Retton, Bogi, Gogean, Gutsu, Miller, Khorkina, Ponor, Raducan, Amanar, Patterson, Liukin, Johnson, etc...but so many people dislike them for various reasons.

  12. Oksana Omelianchuk was pretty great. She didn't last long, which probably made her more legendary. God I just love that pikie floor routine. & Lilia Podkopayeva? How could anyone hate her? & nobody does that double front half out tubmling line. Even with this crazy difficulty driven code we have now. Love her! & Pavs too.

  13. Not a lili pod fan. She is very overrated in my opinion. Looking at her floor routine from today's code she was probably the only one in the 96 floor final who didn't do a F skill. Her other three events were very blah.

    I guess nobody hates Comaneci as a gymnast? Cheng Fei is very likable too. Pavs is a fan favorite because she at least lasted long enough and her routines from junior years to now were all interesting to look at. She isn't a technically great gymnast per se though.

  14. How can Pavlova be overrated when she's only won 1 individual medal throughout her senior career and when she's NEVER been overscored?
    You may not like Pavlova, but overrated? Really?

  15. Chusovitina will be legendary. Not so much as an AA gymnast but she is incredible!

  16. Don't get your hopes up about Daria Joura returning - her injury was more or less career ending, she still hasn't been cleared by surgeons, and she has moved on in her life.

  17. i am a total pavs fan,the reason being its a joy to watch her routines, you can really see her pouring her soul and her love for the sport,sounds very exaggerated but that the vibe i get off her =)

  18. Lilia Podkopayeva. Beautiful, elegant, powerful, how could anyone dislike her work?