Sunday, December 20, 2009


The commentary on the Shawn Johnson article is just getting ugly.

I want to point out a couple of things.

One.  I, personally loved Shawn Johnson as a gymnast.  I have not taken much notice of her since the Olympics because she hasn't been in the gymnastics world and frankly, that is all I am interested in.
Two, I never said she does NOTHING philanthropical, I was specifically talking about gymnastics related things, which was made very clear in the article, and not general charity.
I also never said Shawn was not a kind person, or that Nastia was a saint.

Read it all in black and white if that is how you want to read it, and I have absolutely no problem with the fact that some of you disagree with my theory on why SJ no longer competes, but I will not be publishing any more comments relating to the subject simply because of the few people who have settled on swearing and name calling.
Sorry to the people have articulate and thoughtful responses, whether they are in agreement or disagreement, I love me a good debate, but it's gotten ugly.



  1. I find that, oftentimes, it's those who are poorly educated who cannot conduct an argument without screaming out things like "Check your facts!!!11" and "UR a moron!" But when you call them on it, they magically have Phds and masters degrees and whatnot. Mmmm-hmm...

    I gotcher back, girl. Try not to let the 3 or 4 moronic comments spoil the well-spoken points and arguments made by your intelligent readers. The few do not matter.

  2. Talk about "Pot calling the kettle black", Jen! "moronic comments"! LOL

  3. I think everything was perfectly explained in your original post. Unluckily some people are all except polite.
    And I share your theory about Shawn, I love her as a gymnast but I don't think we'll see her in a leo again

  4. I'm frankly tired about the whole Shawn v. Nastia thing. There are better, more exciting gymnasts out there.

  5. I agree. I have been reading your posts since just after Beijing and I always find them well-researched and enjoyable. I think because the sport itself is so highly charged fans tend to let their emotions get the better of them. You are an asset to the gymnastics community and very highly regarded by your US readership- keep up the good work.

  6. Thank you for taking all the efforts on this blog. Its a shame when a few ruin it for the entire bunch :)

  7. Hi couch gymnast, I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the efforts you put into it. If you don't mind, I would suggest you go check the comments at GymWorld/USA Gymnastics Forum. There is a thread over there about your post, and there are some very insightful comments which can give you a different angle on this topic. Thanks!

  8. I live in Iowa and on the Iowa evening news (KCCI channel 8)last night (12/25)it said that Shawn Johnson is back training at Chow's gym to get in shape, and she is considering a run for the 2012 olympics.