Monday, December 14, 2009


... but then I find the new Bruins videos from the meet the Bruins at Cal Fullerton.  Dang.  I need to sleep.

So, nice to see Anna Li's rocket of a Tkatchev is still as spectacular as ever.

Kaelie Baer's beam did not impress me so much, but the girl does have a lovely side somi.  I gotta give her that.

But what I was waiting for...floor routines!!

First one I saw was Elyse Hopfner-Hibbss' routine.  Well, if you don't know she is one of my favorite gymnasts you have not been reading this very long!  I've been particularly curious to see this since Miss Val remarked how surprised she was at Elyse's capacity for dance (of course I knew guys. Uh Huh. I was just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.  anyone could see there was a real dancer-Bruin just screaming to get out of the awkward Team Canada choreography that was squeezed between all those tumbling rows.)  There's a couple of awkward transition moments in this new where it's all jerky, but lordy, little miss "hoppy" as the Bruins call her can dance.  In its flowing moments, she is super-snazzy!

Nikki Tom did look indeed as cute as hell in her afro and frock costume, but it was kinda hard to tell if the routines was any good.  She makes an awesome clown though. She may knock Abby Stack of the clown podium with her hilarity if she keeps it up.

Thankfully, they have managed to squeeze all of the awkwardness out of Zam, and now she is pulling of a great little broadway style piece for floor this year.  Can't wait til she and Grace Taylor have a 'worm'-off too!  It's a much better routine than last year for her.

I really really disliked Talia K's floor at the start, as I did last year (I just do not get why you'd do hip hop style dance while grinning from ear to ear.  It's weird.  Hip hop should have 'tude) but then about a third of the way through, I really got into it.  Love, love, love her turn series too.   Beautiful!

I've talked about Anna Li's enough.  What's to say?  It's a stunner... (though why oh why did those two Ladies have to return with their popcorn or whatever right in front of the camera right in the middle of her performance!! I hope the concession kid forgot the butter!!  )  (Also, note, Val's new masterpiece has the Nastia 'goosebumps of approval' rating!)

I only watched Mizuki Sato's beam after those floor ex's (because I gotta sleep!!!!!) and boy was she looking solid and fantastic!  Her leaps are dynamic and her tumbling is great!  She is solid!

Okay, I gotta go to sleep.  Here's Zuk's beam.  If you ain't seen it all.  Follow the links to the Bruin youtube page and behold the rest.



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  1. She had a nice acro series. The switch-leg split leap wasn't too bad either :)