Saturday, December 12, 2009


(pic from Prosport )

Adrian Stoica has been re-elected president of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation.  The vote was unanimous.  He had no opponents.  Good or Bad?  You tell me.....

(pic from prosport)

Unsurprisingly, Ana Porgras and Marian Dragulescu were voted gymnasts of the year by the Romanian gymnastics Federation.  Poor old Anamaria Tamirjan, who can't seem to cut a break this year, came second.  It seems a World bronze pips a Euros silver.  Gabi Dragoi came third, I am guessing for her Euro bronze.

In IG forum Romania news....

According to Macoranu at the IG Forum, Gabi Dragoib is having surgery in the next week to deal with the intensification of pain in the stress fracture she has been suffering for a year.

Anamaria Tamirjan's first surgery went well.  Number two is delayed til closer to Xmas.

And, just because it is funny, here's a wonderful, totally eighties pic of Sandra Izbasa, also found on the forum.


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