Friday, December 18, 2009


Okay, so it's not her birthday.

In fact I have no idea when Anna Pavlova's birthday is.

This is just me changing the subject to a less, ahem, sensitive topic (it may be months before I mention those two insanely popular US gymnasts who shall remain unnamed for the sake of my exhausted comment moderating and fear of death threat (THAT WAS A JOKE!!!) for a long, long time) Instead, I thought I'd talk about the apple of everyone's eye, Ms Anna Pavlova.

Dontchya miss Pavs?  I do. Rumour had it that she was back in training a while ago, but it would probably be too huge an ask for her to comeback, wouldn't it?  I really hope not, but I am not holding my breath either. It'd be awesome though.  I can just see her leading the brood of baby russian gymnast ducklings through the London Games.  It would be cute as hell!

In fact (I can't help it, I just seem to want to find controversy this week) is there anyone out there who doesn't like Pavs? 

Do tell (if you dare).  Especially tell us why. It has always seemed to me that she is universally loved, but then, I thought the same about the Lilipod and I was wrong. So please, if you are not feeling the Ana-love, I'd be curious to know why.

Anyway, here's a bit of junior cuteness (aka before she hit the bottle) to celebrate Miss Pavlova's not-birthday.




  1. Pavlova's birthday is September 6, I think

    and I'm workin on it! lol (inside reference to all you other commenters =] )

  2. Thanks Marcus. Four days after mine! A virgo. Lawdy, she'd hate coming fourth then! (as if she wouldn't anyway!)
    (Good!- insider reference!)

  3. It is indeed September 6th. 1987, to be exact. She is 22 years old, so you're right, a comeback is probably not an option. Though I do love her.

  4. As to Anna's comeback: From a press release by the Russian gymnastics federation I understand that Anna did not compete at the Voronin Cup (16-18 December 2009) for a very sad reason - her father died. So now is rather a moment for expressing her our deepest sympathy than for searching reasons why maybe somebody doesn't like her (anyway, there aren't any!). I wish you a lot of strength, Anna!

  5. Oh bwah, cute little Pavs. And poor thing - I'm pretty gymnastics got hard pretty quickly after that.

  6. :) I doubt that you'll ever find a person who dislikes Anna Pavlova and also reads your blog. And since we are talking about birthdays, yesterday was Ana Porgras's birthday :P.

  7. I've heard that Pavlova was supposed to make her comeback a few days ago, at Voronin Cup...but her father passed away and she could not attend :(

  8. I have already said I don't like Anna and couch gymnast didn not post my comments so just because she refuses to post both sides doesn't mean Anna is virtually loved.

    I never said a rude thing just pointed out the facts about her bars

  9. Anonymous- I think you will find a few people have said they don't like Anna, but that is in comments on the post after this one. Perhaps yours is their too? I have never, ever not posted a comment because someone disagreed with me. If yours wasn't posted, it was an accident, I assure you. But I think your comment is actually the one one the next post- if it was you who said her bars made her not worthy of AA discussion.