Saturday, December 19, 2009


(yes, it's a gymnastics Xmas tree ornament!

For many gymnast out there, exams are over, they are home from college, finals are merely memories and Xmas is coming.  Good times are ahead.

Well this Christmas cheer must be infecting all the gymnastics world at the moment, because twitter got a whole lot more lively, and in turn, funny of late. It's celebrations and holiday time a go-go at the moment.

Here's what has been happening during this gym-christmas-end-of-finals-apalooza;

Corrie Lothrop is shovelling snow because, according to her mother, she is best at it because she is "low to the ground!" -not to mention her muscles?

Nastia Liukin likes being in a blizzard in NY, so I guess her mother is not making her shovel snow.

Shayla Worley is scoffing freebies at Costco for her lunch.

Bridget Sloan is overdosing on romcoms and cosidering a shuffleboard tournament with her grandparents

Amanda Jetter is being more holiday-appropriate and watching Elf.

Nadia Comaneci went with Frosty the Snowman.

Miss Val is pondering the possible Xmas gift potential of the "Frank's Deer Urine" she saw in the tri-state area.

Sam Peszek and her Grandmother are pounding Miss Val (who does NOT tweet whilst driving, but does sing christmas carols if alone) at board games.

Kim Zmeskal seems to have a rather unhealthy addiction to Walmart. I am not entirely sure Xmas is a good enough excuse for $173 scotch tape.  Someone may need to intervene.

Sam Peszek and her coterie of ugly-sweater-loving pals have put together an impressive collection of heinous Christmas sweaters to rival even that of my friends Chas's.

Mitzuki Sato is cycling- hasn't she had enough exercise?

Dominique Moceanu put herself through pictures-with-Santa-hell for the sake of the memories- at least that is what she is telling herself.

And also on the exercise front, Samantha Peszek is more talented than we think. She can run, and tweet us that she is running at the same time!

In a syllabic breakthrough, the short but sweet Nadia Comaneci increased her one word tweets to two with yesterday's "short workout" Soon she will be positively chatty!

Coach Rick, of Gymnastics Coaching seems to have taken his weight in booze to his Christmas party (to share, we hope!!) and we haven't heard from him since (just kidding!!)

Alison Taylor got all snazzed up with the family to go to her father's staff work party (and hopefully quaffed less than Rick!!)

All Chellsie Memmel seems to have been doing is reading and running on her treadmill, perhaps at the same time. I hope she amps it up for New Years and at least do her work out to a little Britney

Talia Kushynski either forgot to clean her room before she left for college (or her parents decided to turn it into the secret trash room while she was away) and has reported she is living in squalor!!


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  1. The ugly holiday sweater pic - HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh, Sam, you and your friends win at life. : D