Tuesday, December 8, 2009


(Brestyan's best....so far)

Hi y'all.  I havene't written anything much for a few days because I am having a brief Sydney beach weekend.  I will tell you, though, that the first night I got here I dreamed about Silvia Brestyan, which is kind of strange because I can't even count on the one hand the amount of times I have even thought about Silvia Brestyan.
Anyway, in my dream, I was watching her perform on Youtube or something, an old Olympic floor routine of hers (yeah, I know, she never went to the Olympics) and someone was saying to me "Yeah didn't you know she was "Silvia (insert famous gymnast name here) before she married Mihai?"
Weird.  It wasn't Silvia Mitova either.  I don't know what her name was but in my dream it made total sense and I was very inmpressed and she was a Soviet, not a Romanian.  Weird huh?
What the dream, and my plane ride did remind me of though, is the great photos on The Brestyan's gym website of Alicia during the  Olympics.  Has everyone seen them?  I just remember there being really hilarious and cute photos of the girls doing their stretches in a tiny space on the flight over.  Very funny!
They can be foung HERE, along with a LOT of Beijing photos.

It is kind of disturbing to see the girls sitting at airport with icepacks etc all the time.  Why does Marta have to overwork them before major competitions?


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