Tuesday, December 1, 2009


They call it Anna Li Leap of Death.  Not quite a leap of death, but a pretty impressive challenge from the Bruins lone Senior.  She has said she wants to be a stunt double.  This is definitely the way to practise!

Or watch it HERE

By the by, I finally saw Miss Val's wrap-up of the first intra-squad (I had to wait til someone put it on youtube because my compy won't play UCLA's vids).  Was definitely interesting to see.  They snuck in a little footage of new skills and routines, including Brittani McCulough, Lichelle Wong and Anna Li.  She talked a little about the new freshmen, particularly Netherlandian Lichelle Wong and Arizonan(i think)  Monique De la Torre. 
Miss Val also talks about she and Ari Berlin working together on the chorey and the meaning behind Anna Li's exquisite new floor rouitne.  Definitely worth watching if you didn't already.  So here it is in all its accessible Youtube glory!


Go Bruins!!!



  1. "Netherlandian"? The word you're looking for is "Dutch" or "Dutchwoman."

  2. I know it's Dutch. Aw, don't take it too seriously. I like making up those words. People from New Zealand will always be New Zealish to me!

  3. O-kay...

    Love the Anna Li video. Love it. Between this and the new floor routine she's my new heroine!

  4. Yay! Another convert!! When I first saw that I was in the uni lbrary so I had the sound down. But the screaming and cheering makes it so much better!!

  5. So crazingly amazing!!! :D

  6. first anonymous and second anonymous need to stop being so serious ;p couch gymnast, I love you!!

  7. thats the woodward west leap. they do it every week at camp and everbody(including the skateboarders) can try it.