Saturday, December 12, 2009


So, Dominique Pegg won the elite Canada all-around  this weekend.  As the CanWest news service pointed out, she did it without winning and individual event.  Pegg told them that she didn't come to the competition thinking she would win, so it was a pleasant surprise for her.  She was followed by Kristina Vaculik in second and Charlotte Mackie in third.  Brittany Rogers, the expected winner, came fourth after a less-than-anticipated performance but, as expected, topped the vault list.

(Pic from bluewater gymnastics )

The Utes getting to now you vids have been uploaded onto sgmarsdens youtube account.  The Utes are asked the hard-hitting questions, like to choose between cake and ice cream, nsync and boyz2men and night and day.  They are quite cute vids, actually.  My favorite videos are of the Utah retreat, where, if you watch the video 'Daria wants noodles' you can witness some mealtime grossness.  But my favorite snippet, called "Greg is lost" is my favorite because it gives a great picture of the fun relationship the girls have with their coach, Greg Marsden.

Our two great montagers, Mostepanovafan and Munchthesilivasfan have put up a lot of new videos in the past few days.  They were very quiet for a few weeks then BAM, it was a montage-a-palooza!  Luck us!

Munch has put up one she promised for MF, showing some great dance moments in gymnastics.  She thinks it's crap.  I think it's cute.

Or watch HERE

Mostepanovafan has a couple too.  One is all the gymnasts who have performed the Patterson dismount on beam, another on the Church release on bars, and a Christmas montage.  Here is the Christmas one.  It's nice.  Lots of Worlds footage.



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