Tuesday, December 1, 2009


According to my Italy correspondant, Giulia, there will be a gymnastics Grand Prix held in Brindisi, Italy on December the 12th.  The Italian will women will face off against gymnasts from Greece, Romania and France in a sort of display/gala competition thingy on beam and bars.
According to Giulia, the Italian team comprises;

Emily Armi (BB) (Yay!!)
Paola Galante (UB)
Serena Lichetta (BB) (What? No floor?  I like her on floor.  Or bars?  Anyone remember bars finals?)(correction, Giulia says she will be on bars, not beam!)
Elizabetta Preziossa (BB) (Woot- she pretty on beam.)
Vanessa Ferrari (UB and BB)  (Yay, Vanessa is BACK.  At least until she continues her plans for world domination (remember?) by entering the army.  Shucks, I always thought she'd do it by calling down aliens or something, not the plain old military route.

Some of the gymnasts facing the Italians are;

Ana Porgras
Amelia Racea
Pauline Morel
Vasiliki Millousi

Beam should be lots of fun here with all that talent in this one competition!

Some of the guys entering are Robert Stanescu, Jordan Jovtchev and Benoit Caranobe.

The competition includes artistic, rhythmic and aerobic gymnastics.

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  1. I was wrong,Serena Licchetta is competing on bars XD
    Anyway there's not the floor competition..Only beam and bars this year...The Grandprix is not a real competition but a sort of Gala...