Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Kurbatova nervously awaits her score while Ana Myzdrikova makes another joke.  They chattered and giggled all the way through the vault finals, though they were super serious when it came to doing the vaults.  Fun to watch!

Little Miss Porgras gets a bit of spin practice in before working floor.

Nobody, not even the calm, contained Georgia Bonora can look elegant in those shoes!  Things went really well for Georgia until the last rotation.  She did a great job in keeping calm, even if it meant that at this point, she was actually muttering to herself as she waited to move to the next rotation!!  Whatever it takes!

The before shot: Bridgey Sloan getting in a bit of floor practice before beam.

The after shot: Cillaxin' because guess what?  Bridgey hit beam and now she can relax and focus on that ridiculously steady floor exercise to follow, the one that will cement her win.

Miss Bross, done with floor for another day.  Her floor really didn't look great all week.  They seriously, seriously need to work on her chorey.  There are some nice moves in parts, but they need to do more.

The gorgeous little Demyanchuk didn't quite live up to the post-Euros expectations, but she still wore her smile and definitely proved that it wasn't puberty that has held up her progress since April.  The girl is still teeny!

And Gabi Dragoi proved she is a good friend at Worlds......

She doesn't mind not making event finals herself.

She'll still chalk up the bars for you if you make it to finals...

And if they won't let her on the floor with you while you compete, she'll darn well hang over the nearest wall!

Ivana Hong and Alina Kozich await their turn to warm up floor.  Alina Kozich didn't have a great time, and laughed (kind of cynically) at her mistakes.  And every time I saw her after quals day, her bangs were hairsprayed higher and higher!!!

Australia's little Larissa Miller did exactly what was hoped for her.  The ethereal-looking young gymnast made it amongst the big guns into bars finals, kept her cool and produced a good routine.

Everybody wanted a picture of He Kexin, even the gymnasts.  I saw He actually, literally run from autograph seekers at one point, leaving her poor old team mate, Sui Lu, new at the game, to sign her name repeatedly for the crowds!

Peggy congratulates Lozza again for a job well done.  And I have to say, I hated those leotards when they were previewed by the Australian Gym Blog, but the girls looked fantastic in them in the stadium.

The very impressive South African girl, whose name I forget.  She was a favorite at the quals of a friend of mine who came along to see what gymnastics was like and stayed for the whole twelve hours!

Youna Dufournet looking deservedly as pleased as punch with her surprise vault medal.  I was really happy for her, especially after all her ups and downs these last few years.

Poor old Anamaria Tamirjan trying not to cry after an unexpected fall from beam that kept her out of beam finals.  She pulled it together for a solid ninth place in AA though, which was great.

It was a scary, scary sight to see Shona Morgan crouched on the ground like that, not moving at all.  Even as people tended to her, she didn't lift her head from her hands once.  That was the scariest thing.  Get well soon Shona.

My favorite medal podium.  Beth, what can I say?  She rocked it! I laughed so hard last night when I watched the television footage and they showed Beth nervously watching the other girls perform after her and Mitch, the British commentator said, "If she had a sofa cushion, she'd be hiding behind it!"  So true!  And Lauren, lauren, Lauren!  I was hooting and yelling for her.  In fact I even heard myself yelling  cheering her on in the coverage!!! Such a proud day for us.  And I love little Sui Lu's floor exercise, especially the lovely dance part in the first minute.  I am really, really glad she medalled.

You just know HUJ's thinking, don't you? What a long way it was to come and vault twice and miss both.  Poor thing.

Brittany checks out her vault score.

Deng Linlin pulls up her, er, bandage before beam.

Elsa Garcia finally stops giggling over her vault/face plant embarrassment!

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  1. The South African gymnast is Jennifer Khwela.

    Myzdrikova looked so cheerful and relaxed for the whole week - it was really nice to see, especially since she tends to have a slightly world weary look when she competes ususally.