Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am really sorry I took a photo of you looking like this, Peggy.  It might have been just after you heard what Martha K said about your beam difficulty scores.  Comfort yourself in knowing your photo isn't as bad as the one I took of....

Ivana Hong after beam!

This moment made me laugh because Kayla was sooo overwhelmed after vaulting so well, that even though she'd already hugged him and then stood there a while, she turned back and clung to him for dear life for a minute because, it seemed she just didn't know what else to do!  Seriously sweet.  To me, Kayla won the US's most well-earned medal for the women.  She was consistently brilliant on vault.

I'm sure she's not actually praying she stays on, but it sure looks like it!

This one made me laugh too, because Anamaria is still trying to play it all cool after her beam fall though she is clearly crying, the very reason Forminte is comforting her.  Poor Ana!

I really, really wish this photo had turned out better- the double coach/gymnast stare down!  The look on Porgras's face here would scare a gymnast twice her size.  But she's got nothin' on......

this crew!  How much does Koko Tsurumi look like a baby homegirl threatening to beat some Buffy's down right now!!!

And my personal favorite, Elsa' Garcia, winner of the 2009 Longines prize for elegance..... and her post face-plant hair malfunction!!!  What a good sport she is for laughing it off!

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