Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I didn't actually purposefully take many pictures of the various fashion highs and lows at Worlds.  There was way too much to focus on otherwise.  But I thought I'd talk about a few that turned up in my general photos, because it is always fun to pick on the leotard-ed!

Germany.  I've said it once, and I will say it again (though this is not even close to being the most offensive of their national choices)  the only way the Germans have a hope in hell of  producing a halfway attractive leotard is to step away, I said STEP AWAY from their flag colours!

I thought this Hong Kong leotard was pretty in its simplicity.  It also helped that the girl wearing it was one of the prettiest and elegant gymnasts I saw at qualifications!

Did I not say that Italy was bound to wear something retina-sizzinglingly special?  Well Prezziosa pulled out a number so special for beam finals that was so so wrong, it was almost right!

Now I know the butterfly is like, Ariella's signature, like pink is Nastia's.  And now that Kaeslin wins medals she is like, totally entitled to a signature tard, but seriously, butterflies are a nice idea, they are pretty creatures, so why are the butterfly leotards NOT PRETTY!?

I gotta say, if you insist on being patriotic in your leotard designs, you can still make it attractive, and Britain's women's leotard totally rocked this idea.  I thought that leotard was really classy with its refined and mature dark blue, its muted union jack, and the way it glittered but wasn't OTT with giant sequins.  It didn't GLARE the way the US's sometimes do.  Thumbs up, Brits.  Well done!!

The Russians haven't been using their flag colours anywhere near much as they did in Soviet times, but this is a nice one that does.  I like it.  In fact, Ana seemed to get to wear the best of the Russians leos.  Unlike this poor girl...

I have actually decided to personally blame the distraction caused by these heinous flouro shades for Kurbatova's fall from beam in AA.  Even if she wore this one during quals.  I still blame the resonance of this image which must have been burned into the back of her eyelids -as it was mine.

And yes, I have decided to blame Ksenia Semenova's entire Worlds performances on the trauma caused by having to don both sleeveless and purple in one leotard.

I really did end up liking what the Oz girls wore.  They looked totes classy.

And I am even glad Lozza wore our signature green and gold to snaffle yet another medal with that very, very hip floor routine (though someone has to adjust that weird shuffly bit in the middle where nothing happens for like, four precious seconds.  And also maybe Christine Still is right, a consideration of wether the cossack turn really works on floor should possibly be addressed, but I only say this because i think it is a seriously cool, contemporary and unique floor routine and i want it to be its best).

Romania should totally win some kind of award for utter consistency.  Not just in producing beam wunderkinds, but in producing endless harmless, but dull variations on the national flag colours.  But history shows that it is better they be boring than try something new.  I am sure Steliana Nistor would testify on that point after the heinous orange leo incident of 2003.

Now Blythe at The Examiner was quickly, and very rightfully all over Tina Erceg of Croatia's hilarious tuxedo-print leotard, which did indeed make me laugh and simultaneously pray that Erceg did indeed intend it as a joke.  But I also think this little number was a pretty fantastically horrible choice to rival Erceg's.  Second from the right if you're ugly-blind and need help spotting it!  It is so 1990's Ukraine!!


  1. I really love that Germany one, to tell you the truth. Germany can do no wrong in my eyes. :D

  2. I love your photos!

    The high-definition ones from the media provide a little too much information in regards to the otherwise lovely gymnasts (sweat stains...hairiness...pimples)

  3. what was your choice for worst??

  4. Hahahahah XD Post Galante's leo in the AA final..That was really awful!!!

  5. i agree wth all your choices...except Germany's one...I thought it was actually quite pretty!