Friday, November 13, 2009


And we thought last years recruits made a freshman-heavy squad!  Looks like the Bruins are just gonna get younger and better now that Miss Val has officially signed on Sam and Olivia Courtney and Mattie Larson and Sydney Sawa!

That is a whole swag of talent right there!  Olivia Courtney is the fabulously under-rated winner of this year US Classic.  Miss Val described Olivia and her consistent gymnastics as a "quiet storm" for the Bruins.

Mattie, a Californian native who has reportedly gone to every Bruins home game since she could sit up in a chair, has been much-missed this year due to injury.  I am very happy we will be able to see her nimble and graceful form in college.

And Sydney Sawa, of course, is Canadian national champion, and represented Canada at the Worlds this year where she qualified 33rd in the AA.

I am also very much looking forward to Florida's line up over the next few years which will include one of my faves, Marissa King, as well as the excellent Mackenzie Caquatto and the dynamic Kytra Hunter.  Things are looking real good there!

Not only am I glad that UCLA and Florida (and most of the other major colleges) are attracting some fabulous gym stars because it will improve the team performances.  But I am also glad because getting big names like Peszek, and Georgia getting Worley, Utah, Lothrop etc, means that college gymnastics will only get more popular.  This is a good thing.

(pic from gymbox)
(three great NCAA signees in a row.  Count 'em!!)

The other reason is that I hope it will encourage as many gymnast who can financially afford to avoid taking sponsorship and paid work, will consider college gymnastics as a means to an education and a way to continue in gymnastics if they don't make it to an elite career.  They get to continue the sport they love and have worked for all their lives, while paving the way for the next phase of their career.

Not only does the option of a college career take away the intense pressure on making it in the elite world, but it is physically safer, promotes more well-rounded individuals through the college experience and above all makes gymnastics fun.

 I am also glad to see that we are continuing to see international gymnasts go into college sport too.  Hopefully, we will see more of the likes of Lopez, Bijak, Hopfner-Hibbs, King and Vivian.


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