Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Martina Polcrova the innovator of former Chzechoslovakia on bars.  This routine rocks! I adore the mount, with the bounce to swing backwards.  It must have been nearly impossible to maintain good leg form as she bounced.  I loved that she released from the low bar too AND that she obviously had great strength too.  And I aslo dug the hand hop to grip change.  Nice.  I'd seen her mount in a Mostepanovafan montage, but not the whole routine.

or watch HERE

 Thanks, Youtuber Chocdave, for reminding me about her.  I loved it all over again, and yes, she was the first woman to do a double arabian on floor.  If you want to check (hee!) more of her, be sure to look up Martine Polcrova, not Polchrova, as chocdave spells it, because there are more routines under that spelling.
Enjoy her melodramatic 1982 floor exercise wile you're there.



  1. What a great routine! Bars has really changed so much over the years.

    (btw it's "Czech" ... not "Chzech" :)

  2. That was more exciting than 95% of the routines today!

  3. Loved it!! And "Anonymous" above is right this is more exciting then most (if not all) routines now a days. Q for anyone out there in Gymnastic Land, I stopped following between 1996 - 2004 (had my own life to be into) and I recently watched the '04 Olympic Trials for the first time ever. I know the 80's & 90's saw the end of fantastic womens gymnastics, so which gymnastics was better to watch? 2004 era squad or 2008? because just watching '04 made me think back to pre '96 and how fun, interesting, beautiful gymnastic was...'08 sucked!

  4. OMW that was the coolest most exciting bar routine I have seen in ages!!! lol that mount must have hurt though!

    Thanks so much for that! was great to see!